1. There was a Fashion Plates revival by Hasbro in the early 1990’s.

    Do you also remember Tomy’s Mighty Men and Monster Maker, Little Van Goes, and Great Greetings; all were similar to Fashion Plates?

  2. I loved, loved, LOVED my Fashion Plates and I totally remember this commercial and its catchy jingle as well. I wish I still had my set. I looked on eBay and apparently, the 70s era Fashion Plates are pretty desirable. Multiple bids going on all worthwhile listings driving the price up to high for my budget, unfortunately. 😕

  3. Who would of thought to keep your toys from the 70s! I got this for Christmas in 1981.  I loved it! I also had a black bald cabbage patch someone stole from me when I was 26! they are worth like 5 grand now!

  4. I can’t even estimate how many hours me & my sister used these. One by one we lost the pieces over the years. Back when kids had to be creative. I wish I would have kept it.

    1. tonlo72 I can totally feel you on that! I would love to know how many hours I played with my fashion plates! I would spend an entire Saturday playing with these…especially if it was raining outside! Ahhh…the simple things were so much better!!

  5. This brings back a lot of memories.  Got one for Christmas in 78/79 wish I had kept it. Had a lot of fun using it.

  6. Ah the toys of yesteryear….Damn they were fun a creative and made us think and be creative….Todays toys…..ummmm not so much.

  7. I was thinking about this commercial today.  My father used to take me to a Chinese restaurant, and there would always be these girls sitting in a booth, probably the owner’s daughters, who would be doing fashion plates.  That stuck out in my mind because I recognized the fashion plate setup from this commercial. 

  8. I just traveled back in time. This commercial brings back good memories, never had the toy, but do have those memories saved up.

  9. This song just came to my head today after 40 years! Why? I have no idea. So I had to look it up. I remembered: “it’s got all those fashionable traits,,,and they called it fashion plates.” I was born in 1967. So why can I remember this from 40 years ago, but can’t tell you what I did yesterday? WEIRD!

  10. I found this at Walmart last week , $10.00 ! Kids loved it and drew them away from the tablet/ phone ! ” its got all those fashionable traits… “

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