1. I’m looking for the kiddie-porn one for Love’s Baby Soft of the teenage hooker sucking on an all-day sucker. Seriously.

  2. I believe that was the general idea when this ad first appeared around Christmas 1970, ‘franz’. Because “Love Story” was THE most successful romantic movie of the year, Love Cosmetics decided to use “mirror images” of Ali and Ryan [but not TOO close to the real ones] to sell “Eau Du Love”. Besides producing two Saturday morning cartoon series in the 1970-’71 season, H-B also dabbled in animated commercials for several clients as well…

  3. The Love Cosmetics ad I especially remember was the one with Marvin Kaplan (Choo-Choo from “Top Cat”, speaking of Hanna-Barbera) reciting a poem as the camera pans over a field of flowers in the middle of which a young woman is standing, after which a slow close-up of the woman is shown.

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