1. Did you just assume it’s gender without being advised of it’s preferred pronouns, Andrea?? Reported. Expect police.

    2. Let us be totally honest. Present day American Pop Culture is dangerous to the World. You need to open your eyes.

  1. I REALLY HATE IT WHEN THOSE WHO NEVER EVEN GREW UP IN THE 70’s get on here and compare today to then and how damaging this commercial is. Give me a break liberal feminists. Some women like feeling and looking pretty instead of androgenyous she men of today. Those were the good ole days when you were able to be a young girl and act like it instead of some shim.

    1. – – oh ok. i don’t see why this is related to the video tho. just wondering.

  2. I actually thought this was a healthy approach to makeup. Like, you don’t have to wear a full face if you just want a little glow you can do that and be happy with your freckles.

    1. Back then, a huge portion of the TV industry is in NYC.
      Today, almost all TV production has moved to LA.

  3. Perfect approach to wearing makeup. Cover stuff up if you want, or don’t. Wear minimal, or get a little more glam. It’s up to you.

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