Avon wish of Happiness – TV Commercial

Angel Locsin Avon Wish of Happiness TV Commercial as seen on TV. This is only one of Angel Locsin Commercials and Endorsements as seen on TV. Angel Locsin's TV Commercials & Endorsements! 1.Ricky Reyes 2.Posh Colognes 3.Greenwich 4.Coca-Cola 5.Maxi-Peel 6.Globe 7.CD Jeans 8.Century Tuna 9.Petit Monde 10.Animax 11.Johnson Johnson 12.Cream-O 13.Axe 14.Hapee Toothpaste 15.Mcdonalds Ice… Continue reading Avon wish of Happiness – TV Commercial

Dorothy Gray Cosmetics (1950s) – Classic TV Commercial

Vintage television advertisement from the 50s – a Dorothy Gray Cosmetics commercial, advertising a new face cream that'll remove ANYTHING from your face. That's right! Anything. To prove it, they use a radioactive tracer in the dirt to see just how much dirt the cold cream removes. You'll be astounded with the results! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1-e53Li3LE